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May 21, 2017


My now-husband and I could not be happier with our choice of wedding coordinator! Wendy was a pleasure to work with, and she went above and beyond to finalize every last detail for our big day. She took care of all our month-of details such as creating timelines for everyone involved in the wedding, transporting decorations, and communicating with us and our vendors via email, phone, and in person to ensure that everything went smoothly. My husband and I did quite a bit of research to find a month-of wedding coordinator who could execute our vision on our budget, and we really appreciated the transparent pricing and customizable packages that the Savvy Bride offers. I highly recommend Wendy to anyone looking for a professional, organized coordinator to execute the details of their big day!


Monica & Shayne - Bride & Groom

May 13, 2017

We are so happy we chose Wendy and her team to help us with our big day. She made sure every little detail was executed exactly as we had envisioned and, most importantly, that we could enjoy our time with family, friends and each other, without having to worry about a thing!

Megan - Bride

April 22, 2017

Wendy and her team were attentive to our every need and helped us in the planning process to stay on schedule, motivated me when I was frustrated and provided expert advice. Then on the day of, they executed the plans for day-of-coordination with ease and as a result, we were able to enjoy our day, instead of getting stuck in the details. We highly recommend the Savvy Bride! We were on a budget, and a very happy couple indeed. Be advised that just because you hire a planner, doesn’t mean that you won’t be doing any work going forward. But you will get help in the tasks that need to be completed, and introduced to vendors that come with recommendations instead of strangers. Staying organized is key, and the team was perfect at handling the issues at hand. Thank you for all your help guys!!!

Kristen & Kevin -Bride & Groom

February  4, 2017

OK, let me start by saying Savvy Brides is AMAZING! From our initial meeting with Wendy to discuss what they have to offer in day of coordination packages, I knew they were a perfect fit. I am an extreme perfectionist and I knew exactly how I wanted my day to be like. Wendy showed me a day of packet that she constructed for a prior wedding that had pretty much EVERYTHING listed that the bridal party would need, from what to pack, where to stand and a to the minute timeline of the day of events. My day was pretty much perfect and we definitely wouldn't have been able to do it without Savvy Bride! Save yourself some time and stress by booking them early. My only regret was attempting to do everything myself. I ended up booking 60 days prior to my wedding and could've definitely used their expertise prior.

Krystal - Bride

December 31, 2016

A couple of months after getting engaged, I moved from St. Louis to Texas and that is when I knew that I truly needed to have a wedding planner/coordinator of some sort. I wanted to be able to still plan/design my own wedding, but I knew I couldn't do it alone (especially while living 12 hours away from where the wedding would be). For the most part, I had everything planned and picked out prior to meeting Wendy, but I definitely wouldn't have been able to pull everything together without Wendy's help. She is a true professional that knows what she is doing and she was so helpful, especially the last few months leading up to our big day. Wendy was always quick at responding to my millions of questions that I sent her way. Also, I don't think I've met someone as organized as Wendy is. She was a true blessing to our wedding and I am so thankful we spent the extra money to hire Wendy and her team. Hiring a coordinator was by far the best thing we did - it allowed us to truly enjoy our wedding and to not stress about the details/logistics. If you are getting married, do yourself a favor and hire Wendy! :)

Morgan - Bride

November 4, 2016


Wendy saved my wedding! After a year of procrastination, I finally conceded to hire a wedding planner to get my wedding back on track. My mom found Wendy and her company, The Savvy Bride through The Knot's site as she came highly rated. During our first meeting, Wendy was warm, personable, professional, and fun! Throughout the following weeks and months, Wendy worked with me (and my procrastination tendencies), to create the wedding OF MY DREAMS. Actually, it was even BETTER than I had dreamed, it was pure magic. Wendy delivered 150% all the while being dependable, patient, professional, and encouraging. I wish I could relive my wedding over and over again, it was amazing! Now that it's over, I miss working with Wendy and her team! I highly recommend The Savvy Bride to any couple; for whatever kind of wedding you'd like.

Meagan - Bride

October 1, 2016


Wendy and her team helped us pull together the perfect day! From the beginning, Wendy was there communicating, organizing, and offering her expertise. We are so grateful for her help.

Caitlin - Bride

October 1, 2016


As the Mother of the Bride, I will be eternally grateful to Wendy at Inspired Design Weddings & Events for assisting us in planning and executing the wedding of our daughter's dreams. Wendy is intelligent, personable, knowledgeable and efficient! I was impressed with her organization of the multitude of details we had to deal with and her skill in carrying out the day we had hoped for. She was responsive to every need along the way. As a working mom, it was a relief to have someone else who understood the vision our daughter had for her day and the experience to make it happen. From bottom of my heart, Thank You Wendy!!

Kathren - Mother of the Bride

September 23, 2016


Wendy and her team at Inspired Design Weddings & Events were amazing! If you are looking for an expert that helps and guides you, call Wendy. The team at Inspired Design helped my big day go flawlessly and perfect, just as planned! I hired Wendy based on her attention to detail from the first intro call that I had with her asking about her services and how she works with her wedding couples. I had done most of the planning already but needed that expertise help to get me through the last month and day/ weekend of planning perfect. Her ability to provide details and examples right off the bat was what had me impressed and knew out of all the wedding coordinators I talked with, she'd be the one to be able to help me. We met about a month and half before my wedding and we reviewed what I had done and what I still needed to do. Thank goodness for her check list that pointed out what I hadn't thought of yet and needed to think of! She provided great insights into what would be great decor touches and how to keep things flowing from a timeline.


She also was great in recommending other vendors from confirming that my florist, MarryMe Flowers, was great since she worked with them before to helping me find someone for dance lessons. Throughout those next weeks, she was always available via phone or email or text for an answer to a question or input on an idea I had or just checking in on me to make sure I was doing okay and seeing what other help I needed. She reached out to all my vendors and made sure they were all set. She really helped me stay on top of my planning so as I got closer to the wedding day, many things were planned and ready. The week of my wedding - the final touches were perfect with Wendy and her team's planning to keep everything from the rehearsal to the wedding ceremony & reception on-time, people, and vendors where they needed to be, and me calm and able to enjoy the day - and my family was free to enjoy the day as well instead of worrying about the details! She decorated an amazing reception!! See her facebook website for pics! The decor was gorgeous and just what I wanted but had no idea how to get it done without help and she pulled it off and even better than I had imagined! 
Overall, I'd definitely recommend Wendy and her team (thanks, Ashley and Mandy!) for your wedding coordination needs, - big or small - they were awesome!

Carmille - Bride

September 23, 2016


Ms. Wendy handled all three segments of the Elayda-Fegelmann Nuptials with competence, courtesy, and style. Because the bride was Roman catholic and the groom Jewish, there were several sensibilities to safeguard, and many customs unfamiliar to several segments of the celebrants and guests, but Wendy handled each with decisiveness and an extraordinary sensitivity. She was always courteous and respectful of all guests and the bridal party, as well as parents and celebrant of the wedding (myself). She had done her homework and knew what the families wanted, and what the church required, and did her part quickly and unobtrusively. She was considerate of all parties and went out of her way to maintain the decorum a sacred space demanded (during the rehearsal and wedding ceremony), and at the reception, she was one step ahead of several contingents (musicians, wait-staff, food service and Venue-officials.

Rev. Seibert - Officiant for Couple

September 10, 2016


OMG book her now! I searched and searched for a day-of coordinator, interviewed at least a dozen people, and after feeling despair I finally found her! After the very first phone conversation with Wendy, I stopped my search because I knew with confidence that she was "the one."

You should know, I use "day of coordinator" term only because that is what was on our contract. Wendy was SO much more than that. I live an hour from my venue, so she had helpful tips about the local area, saving me several trips, and helped with all the really tough decisions to execute everything flawlessly. The biggest help was all her experience with the venue I booked. She knew exactly what questions to ask and what to look for, things I would have never thought of. 


I am a "Type A," so tend to be over-organized naturally, but she had my back at every turn. I know for a FACT that my day was perfect because of her. Even the few issues that did pop up were corrected quickly and flawlessly. Thank you Wendy!

I will also say that in addition to being good at her job, she has a stellar personality. I will miss working with her.


Ellory & Kyle - Bride & Groom

September 4, 2016

It was an absolute gift to work with Wendy. As the day of coordinator, she stepped into our planning process two months ahead of our Labor Day weekend wedding and helped us make sure we had every aspect of the day sorted out down to the minute. I am an interior designer by profession and live in the details, so I was a little bit nervous at first to let Wendy in on the planning that I *thought* I could handle on my own. How silly! Wendy immediately showed us her incredible knack for thinking of every possible detail you could ever consider and never missed a beat. She is amazing!! She also helped us to make sure that our plan for the whole day fit us and our guests perfectly, and never pushed any particular wedding custom on us, which we really appreciated (we had somewhat of an offbeat vision for our celebration). And as another bride mentioned, if anything went wrong on the day of, we will likely never hear about it.

My husband and I truly loved working with her throughout the entire process, and we know for certain that we could never have managed to enjoy our day without her and her wonderful team. She is kind, courteous, professional, so thoughtful and hard-working. Wendy afforded us the luxury of not having to worry about anything on our wedding day, which meant we were actually able to relax and have fun! This is a gift worth so much more than what we paid for her (incredibly reasonable) services. We strongly encourage hiring Wendy, you will not be disappointed.

Andrea & Jo - Bride & Groom

March 5, 2016

​"Wow. I would have 100% lost my mind without Wendy. We hired her as a "day of" coordinator but she really stepped in a few weeks before the wedding. She went above and beyond for us and I couldn't have asked for anything more. I can not express how grateful we are for her!"

-Candice & John - Bride & Groom

November 12, 2015

"Every bride needs a Wendy. Having Wendy on hand to manage all the different aspects of our wedding weekend was probably the best decision we made. She asked all the right questions (like, who is driving Father of the Groom back to the hotel after the reception?) at the right time (weeks in advance) so that on the big day we didn't have to make any more decisions. We could enjoy the moment, visit with family and friends, and not worry about who was setting up the centerpieces or arranging the flowers.


Wendy's background in theater is ideal as she brings the unique skill set needed for stage management to every event. Organization, maintaining clear and open lines of communication, and - most important - smooth execution as the show must go on! When presented with challenges, Wendy remained calm and made sure a solution was reached that pleased all parties. She helped navigate the concerns of not just me and my husband, but also my mother, and even the venue (which had not hosted a reception in over 20 years). Every wedding is memorable, and thanks to Wendy our memories are of being able to relax and enjoy the big day without an undue amount of stress."

-Kathy & Rob - Bride & Groom​

September 30, 2015

"Our experience with Wendy was truly amazing. She offered so many creative ideas that help customize our very detailed and unique wedding. Wendy helped to alleviate so much stress by being extremely organized in every aspect possible. She made this process very enjoyable and smooth for not only my husband andI, but for everyone included in the wedding party and our families. I really appreciate all the efforts that she put forth to make our day perfect. Not only did We have an amazing wedding planner, we also felt like She was a friend to vent to. Wendy worked to accommodate us in every way possible and was super fast with responses via email and text. None of that only 9-5 business. I swore she never slept ; ) We highly recommended Wendy as a planner and some of our friends are already using her! Thanks again!"

-Cara & Steven - Bride & Groom

August 1, 2015


"Hiring Wendy as our day-of coordinator was without a doubt the best wedding planning decision we made. Wendy was such a lifesaver, from planning to coordination of vendors to allowing us to relax on the day of the wedding. Inspired Designs is a great company in so many ways from start to finish. Wendy truly went above and beyond -- her opinions while planning, the organization in the preceding weeks, and oversight on the day of were invaluable. She helped us manage our vendors, family members, and guests so that everything was seamless and easy. Inspired Designs is exactly why you should hire a coordinator or planner.


Even if you're organized and on top of things, having someone to coordinate everything allows you, your new spouse, and your family members to enjoy the day. As expected with any event, there were little things that arose but I literally did not worry about a single thing because I knew Wendy would take care of it -- and I'm sure there are other things that I don't even know about! Wendy is great at her job, but she's also a pleasure to have around. Inspired Designs was by far the best deal that we found, but we would have paid much more for the peace of mind that Wendy afforded us, as we were able to be, in the moment on the day of our wedding and not lose our minds beforehand."


- Stephen & Chelsea - Bride & Groom

August 2015

Wendy's service was invaluable to my daughter and me. Since we both live in different states and the wedding was in a third state (yes, that's correct!), we relied on Wendy to keep all the details on target... and to keep us sane! She communicated with us regularly, checked in to see if we had questions or other ideas, and provided updated information on an ongoing basis. Wendy's upbeat, positive attitude toward everything kept us from worrying about "the little things" and, most importantly, helped us to fully enjoy the ceremony and reception. Thank you, Wendy, you're the best!!

- Joyce S. (Mother of Bride)​

May 16, 2015

"Wendy is worth her weight in gold. We hired her to help with day of planning for our traditional, Greek Orthodox wedding. Wendy was involved more than a month in advance and truly went above and beyond in every way imaginable. Our wedding was perfect and if anything went wrong I didn't know about it (and still don't!). Not only did she do everything asked of her with a huge smile on her face, but she thought of things we never did and helped us to have a stress-free, happy and magical weekend. We love Wendy and would recommend her to anyone, no matter the type or size of wedding. She's the best!!"

-Stephanie M. (Bride)

April 26, 2015

"I really strived to have a low-key daytime wedding but with all the deliveries and vendors, I needed help. Wendy was an asset on my wedding day. She was the point person, messenger, handy-woman....everything really. I would use Inspired Design and Wendy again in a heartbeat."

-Valerie R. (Bride)

November 1, 2014

"The "Angel" was
in these details...This was a themed wedding - Harry Potter + The National Parks (per the brides).
Whether you were looking at things from afar or looking at things up close, there was tastefulness and themed detail everywhere you looked. There were deserts straight off the sweets trolley cart (from chocolate frogs to every other sort of sugary deliciousness) to tables with National Park themed decor. The photo booth had the normal fun stuff, in addition to all sorts of Harry Potter themed "attire." The beverages ran the gamut of Liquid Luck to Butterbeer. It was truly the most wonderfully decorated wedding reception I've ever attended...and I've attended a few in my 40+ years.

If you are looking for someone who will listen to you...who will take the things you love and make them part of your special day...who will hand-craft the decorations or help you find the most creative and economical way to dress up your event, Wendy at Inspired Design Weddings & Events is the person you want to talk with.

Aside from being a creative and crafty genius, Wendy is also one of the most organized, well-planned planners and the day-of person you could work with. I recommend her to everyone I know if they're looking for someone who provides her services, and I trust she will not only provide cost-mindful ideas but wonderfully custom-tailored ones at that.
She's got it going on, and she loves what she does."

-Elizabeth S. (M.O.H. - Wedding Party)

October 18, 2014

"We had a unique demand for our wedding. We wanted an event that was traditional, but with nods to each of our passions. We are both in our 40's and we wanted a fun but upscale classic wedding. That is a tall order. 

Inspired Design was outstanding in creating the exact look and feel without diminishing the importance of the event. Since the requested theme was rather unique, it called for a lot of custom design elements that Inspired Design created for us. 

Each bouquet for the attendants used a combination of silk and real botanicals and each featured a small charm unique to the theme of our wedding. The invitations, program and thank you cards were also custom designed by Inspired Design and we had SO many compliments on each one. People told us they took them to work to show them off because they were so cool. From the jewelry, we had made for the bride and female attendants, to the gorgeous reception decorations, custom cake topper, and all of the little details that made this day as memorable for our guests as it did for us. 

Inspired Design was the reason for the success of the day and the reason people STILL tell us how amazing the day was."

-Jayne S. (Bride)

May 2014

Wendy was outstanding from start to finish!! Even though she was hired to provide "day-of" wedding services, she contacted my sister long before the wedding day and helped keep everything well-organized and on track. She connected with all the vendors to ensure there was no miscommunication and every one of them was well coordinated -- no problems whatsoever!! And on the day of the wedding, Wendy was prompt, courteous, calm and collected -- a consummate professional. She helped alleviate all the usual wedding day anxieties and was instrumental in making the day picture-perfect! Moreover, at the end of the evening, she even helped us tote all of the wedding paraphernalia back home as there wasn't enough room in the car. Wendy went above and beyond for my sister and our family -- she helped make the whole wedding fun and memorable for us all. Thank you, Wendy!!​


September 15, 2013 

"Because we already had a date, venue, theme, DJ, clothing and florist selected for our wedding, we assumed that there wasn’t much work left to be done. We were wrong! 

When we realized we needed help, Wendy was the first person we thought of as we were familiar with her experience as a theater director and had attended many other successful events she had planned.

From our first meeting, Wendy started us off on the right foot by asking smart questions and bringing up numerous items that we hadn’t even considered. In the weeks leading up to our wedding, Wendy gently kept us on track, reminding us of key deadlines and decisions. And she handled all the day-of details perfectly, coordinating with vendors, volunteers and family members, giving us the time and space to enjoy our day and focus on each other.

We highly recommend Wendy Markum-Scanlan as a wedding planner or day-of coordinator. She is brilliant, enthusiastic, and just the "take charge" person we needed. Her calm, confident and expert presence would be a godsend to any special event."

-Susan S. (Bride)

September 2015

Wendy was such a pleasure to work with. The wedding was so organized, and everything ran so smoothly. I was the photographer for this amazingly beautiful wedding, and I was able to get all the pictures that were needed due to the expertly organized day. Wendy helped me to get the last minute details and never acted put out. She was prompt and so nice. I would recommend her highly to any bride.

-Wendy C. - Photographer​

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