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4 Tips for Planning an Interracial Wedding

Interracial weddings involve blending two sets of traditions that are equally important. Planning a wedding is stressful enough when both sides of the family can't decide on basic elements, but when you add different cultures and traditions for weddings, it can seem overwhelming. Keep your sanity and relationships in tact with these 4 helpful planning tips. 1. Communication So, in order to successfully plan your interracial wedding you should talk and let each other know all about your expectations. After you decide as a couple what the wedding will look like, go as a couple to each side of the family and discuss your plans and goals for combining the two families.

2, Research Find out as many things as possible about the traditions in both cultures. This might mean researching on-line, or simply sitting down for lunch with the parents or grandparents.

​3. Compromise While it is not possible to represent both cultures completely within the confines of one ceremony, the key to success is to blend the two cultures in a way as balanced as possible. This will most likely mean keeping some traditions while tossing others out. When it comes to the compromise, keep it between the two of you. Not only will this ensure the wedding is uniquely yours, but also be great practice for a lifetime of compromising once you are married.

4. Maintain a United Front As the process of planning goes forward, it is extremely important that you and your fiance stand together on the choices you have made for your wedding. There will be moments when you or your fiance will feel ambushed by well-meaning but insistent family members who push their wishes on to you with a "Just talk to them for me." or "they won't mind this little change." Stand firm and make sure that any planning changes are fair to both of you. Think of the wedding planning as a pre-test for future decisions you will have to make as a couple.

​With a clear understanding of the cultures you want to blend, good communication with all members involved in the planning, and a commitment to stand together, you will create a wedding that honors both your love and your distinct cultural backgrounds.

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