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7 Ways to Add Your Fun Side Into a Traditional Wedding.

Wedding planning is tough enough with just the two of you trying to decide on details, but when the family is involved in the planning, it can seem downright impossible to please everyone. You are a young, fun-loving couple and you want to incorporate this into your day. However, your families want a beautiful traditional wedding like they had. In order to keep both sides happy, there are some subtle elements that can be added. Consider these seven suggestions.


Add some fun to the suits and tuxes with playful cufflinks, or socks. Colorful jewelry, fabulous shoes and charms added to the bouquets will let your personality shine in the pre-ceremony photo shoot. To find some fun wedding attire accents, check out Etsy.


The wedding program is one of the most over-looked details of a wedding. This is a true opportunity to share your story and have some fun with your guests. Try a few fun facts or trivia questions about your relationship. Offer a short bio of your wedding party; the guests will appreciate knowing who is standing up with you. Ceremony Readings:

While readings aren't a required in the ceremony, many couples still choose to include them. Instead of the usual "love is patient" verse, opt for a passage from your favorite children's story, or a funny passage about relationships. Your guests will appreciate a little lighthearted moment in an otherwise traditional ceremony.

Guest book:

Skip the regular blank page book and choose a photo album guest book. Consider using a mix of your engagement photos, baby pictures, and fun shots taken during your time together. Your guests will enjoy flipping through the photos and will be more likely to write more than just their name. Cake:

If having an over-the-top fabulous cake isn't in the cards, opt for a simple cake with different flavors. Bakeries offer a dizzying amount of cake and filling flavors. Unless you are in love with white cake, opt for something your guests won't expect.

Signature Drink:

Signature drinks are growing in popularity, and guests love them. If the venue will allow, offer one signature drink for each of you. Use your favorite hobby or passion as the theme to create fun name and drink idea. DJ/Band:

Ask your DJ to play the more traditional classic music during dinner and for the first part of the dance. Your parents and their guests to enjoy some dancing before the DJ/Band switches over to your music choice.

With a little creative compromise, your personality will shine through, while still keeping your families happy. Just remember, in the end, everyone just wants the day to be perfect.

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