Best Etsy Options to Save Hundreds Off Your Wedding Floral Bill.

We have taken it upon ourselves selves to do some shopping research on our favorite place to find awesome wedding accessories to bring you this guide to alternative wedding florals that can save you hundreds of dollars off of your floral bill and allow you to allocate your savings to other needs. An bonus to these floral options is that they will preserve far better than your traditional bouquet.

The Brooch Bouquet

Not only is a brooch bouquet absolutely gorgeous, but they also can be made from heirloom brooches. Many artists will allow you to send in family jewelry to be used in the bouquets to add to the sentimental value. While the cost of these bouquets can vary, we found a lovely version from​ Nicolasacicero's Etsy store.

Funky Fun Pinwheel Bouquets

What could be more perfect for a summer outdoor wedding than these super fun pinwheel bouquets? Available in any color combination imaginable, these creative options will also provide movement in addition to color for the wedding procession. At our two featured stores, you can pick up an entire set for less than your typical traditional wedding bouquet.