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What is a "Wedding Day" Coordinator & Do You Need One?

Once upon a time the idea of a hiring a wedding planner was just for the rich and famous, however, times have changed and with many couples too busy to put together their perfect day, the need for a planner has become more common. While planners are now more accessible, many couples want to be very involved in planning their day, or can't allocate the budget for full planning services. This is when a "wedding day" coordinator can be heaven sent.

What is a "Wedding Day" Coordinator? A "wedding day" coordinator typically steps into the wedding planning process about one month before the event day. We take all of the details the couple has planned to date and develop a plan to logistically pull off the day. From the bridal party hair and makeup until the last vendor has cleaned up, we organize every minute of the day into a streamlined timeline where at a glance we know where all the key players are and what they are supposed to be doing. We put out fires, we problem solve, and we make sure the couple have everything they need when they need it. All of this is done behind the scenes and usually without breaking a sweat.

​What kind of couple should think about hiring a "Wedding Day" Coordinator? I would strongly encourage that every couple that has planned their wedding hire a "wedding day" coordinator. Planning a wedding is such a time consuming, expensive and stressful task, the couple needs someone who can make sure that all their hard work doesn't go to waste or fall apart at the last minute. The peace of mind of not having to worry about anything but enjoying themselves is the best gift a couple can give themselves.

What's the biggest myth about "Wedding Day" Coordinators? That you don't need to spend your money to hire one. What if the couple's wedding budget is tight? They should take a look at their budget. Surprisingly, a "wedding day" coordinator can often be one of the cheapest of all vendors hired. The cost on a typical coordinator is only a small fraction of the total wedding budget. A "wedding day" coordinator spends more hours and works more closely with the couple than any other vendor, yet they cost about 5% or less of the total budget. For a $20,000 wedding, this would be about $1,000 for peace of mind and a relaxing day. Furthermore, unlike many planners, often coordinators will charge a flat fee based on the size of the wedding and length of the day rather than a portion of the total budget. This can mean the couple could pay even less than 5% depending on the size of the wedding party and guest list and the total length of the day.

Do all "Wedding Day" coordinators offer the same service? Well, yes and no. While all coordinators will do the same overall tasks, each one will have different views on what is included and what is not. The best way to determine who is the best fit is to speak with several vendors about your specific needs. Most coordinators will offer a free consultation to discuss your needs and offer a custom package. When contacting a coordinator, but upfront about your budget and your needs. It is also important that you get a good vibe from the coordinator. You will be spending a lot of time communicating, and it is important that you feel comfortable working together.

My venue comes with a coordinator, why would I need to hire one? This is a common error made by couples resulting from a miscommunication with the venue. Although both professionals are called coordinators, they are not the same thing. The venue coordinator works for the venue. This means their role as coordinator begins and ends when you enter and leave the venue. They will not create a full timeline for your day; they will not make sure you didn't forget an important part of your planning and may not be able to help solve a problem that occurs outside of their four to six-hour rental time. Having your own coordinator will not interfere with the venue's coordinator. In fact, the venue coordinator is often relived to have a professional to work with rather than have to bother the couple with questions during the event.

"I have a friend who could coordinate, she is a member of the wedding party and will be with me all day anyway." Would you like this person to be your friend after the wedding? Be honest, how would you feel if you were asked to take on all of the expense of being a wedding party member only to find out that instead of enjoying the day with your friend, you will be spending the day running around fielding questions from family, vendors, and guests. They would not be allowed to have anything to drink, barely have time to eat, and couldn't participate in most of the pictures or party because they have to run the wedding. This same scenario goes for family or guests who you might ask. If they are important enough to be asked to the wedding, they should have the chance to enjoy it. Weddings are expensive, and it is understandable that a couple wants to save wherever they can. However, by investing just a fraction more in your wedding, a couple can ensure that they have someone who is devoted to making sure that everything falls into place, and the couple can enjoy, worry-free, the first day of the rest of their lives.

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