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6 Steps to Prepare Your Wedding Décor for Perfect Placement

After months of planning and shopping for the perfect wedding decor, most brides will make a fatal mistake. In all their excitement of prepping for the wedding day, they overlook the logistics of getting the decor from their guestroom storage pile to the proper place in their venue. Don't waste your money or shed those tears! With six easy steps, you can guarantee your decor will end up in the right spot, and even get back to you at the end of the night.

In order to insure that your wedding looks just as you planned it is vital that all wedding décor items are listed and properly prepared for the wedding coordinator, volunteers decorators, or venue managers.

1. Make a list of every single décor item you will be bringing. Decide who will be bringing the item and where it is to be placed. Use our handy list template to get organized. Be AWARE, items not listed may not be placed, check with your coordinator, or venue manager on their policy. Avoid the urge to toss in random décor at the last minute.

2. Prepare all items by insuring they are ready to be placed immediately out of the box.

2.1 Unwrap all favors and place in a dedicated box labeled “Favors” 2.2 Unwrap all taper and pillar candles and place each in the dedicated location box with its candle holder. 2.3 Any fragile items like toasting glasses, cake servers, cake toppers can remain in their original packaging and put into a designated box, label the outside of the box. 2.4 Table numbers should be in numeric order, if number will be in frames, they should be inserted prior to packing the décor box. 2.5 Escort (seating) cards should be bundled in alphabetic order of “Last Name” 2.6 Place cards (for assigned seats) should be ordered by chair number and la bled with the corresponding table number. 2.7 Assemble any items that come in pieces before placing in the décor box.

3. Draw a diagram of where items should be placed on the table (unless you want to leave it up to the decorators discretion) Use our simple diagram template to place where you want your decor.

4. Use a floor plan of your venue to mark where all tables will be placed as well as any floor décor.

5. Once boxes are packed, fold lid closed, do not tape the boxes.

6. Label the box with the corresponding table and list all items in the box.

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