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You'll Fall in Love Wedding Photo Booths Again...Promise

If you are in your late twenties to early thirties, chances are you have become schooled in being a wedding guest. You day will consist of a ceremony, open bar, grand entrance, another visit to the bar, dinner, toasts, some more bar, cake, dances, dance party, bar, bar, bar, last call, after party. It is a checklist that you know and aside from some selfies, your job is to watch the events until it is time to dance. You vow that when you get married, you will offer your guests something more, something that gets them excited and involved. Now it is your turn and the pressure is on to create a guest-centered experience that will have people talking about your wedding for months to come.

One way that many couples added something different to their wedding was to take advantage of that deeply discounted "add-on" photo booth from their photographer or DJ. A few years later, many of my brides tell me that they feel these booths are outdated and overdone. When it comes to a generic curtain, some feather boas and silly glasses, I totally agree, We have all had on the neon green fedora more times than we can count.

Then last November, I had a client who was listing off her hired vendors, and she mentioned Oh So Vivant for her photo booth. I hadn't heard of them and thought the name was cute, so I went to stalk their website. My jaw dropped when I saw this company take the traditional photo booth and turning it on its head. From then on, I have been a fan, and now I am going to turn you onto to them as well.

Ann, Jocelyn and Bentley (the office dog) at Oh So Vivant have taken their experience as photographers, designers, and artists and have created their niche in the event marketplace. These talented ladies create unique and beautifully hand painted scenic backdrops and props that are specially customized to your event and lifestyle. Their scenes are highly interactive, allowing guests to use their imagination to create mini-vignettes of hilarity that are captured on film by a professional photographer. It is like giving each guest a mini funky portraiture session at your event.

In addition to a large selection of pre-made backdrops and props, the staff of Oh So Vivant will also custom paint a one-of-a-kind backdrop that reminds you of your family vacation spot, your favorite movie, or even something from your worst nightmare. The choices are limitless when you combine your desire and Jocelyn's mad art skills. They seriously have a resident artist to create backdrops and props for you, that is just ridiculously cool. Your guests will be clambering to get in front of the camera and show off their inner actor and make some serious photo drama.

For more information on this female-owned business (Go Girl-Power!) check out their site at Oh So Vivant.

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