Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between "Coordination," "Management" and "Planning?"

Great Question!  It does vary within the industry, but in the Savvy Bride World, it breaks down like this.

Coordination: You plan the wedding 100%, you give us all the details and we run the day as you planned it. 

Management: You still plan your wedding but we step in to offer any advice, referrals and help keep you on task and make sure you don't forget key details. Then we help you put together your wedding day timeline and manage your vendors.

Planning: We partner with you to find the best vendors and services within your style and budget, we manage your vendors and you get to focus on the fun part of planning. Note: The Savvy Bride doesn't offer "Full-Planning," we love the partner process to much to give that up.


When Should I Hire a Planner?

Once you are officially engaged and have chosen your wedding date. We typically book planning clients 10-14 months prior to their desired wedding day but have planned weddings in a little time as 4-6 months prior.

Is Wedding Planning Affordable

Weddings are expensive. It takes many different professionals coming together and spending many hours to make a beautiful wedding day. In the overall budget, a wedding planner should cost no more than about 14% of your total budget. While we work with a wide range of budgets, our typical planning clients have a wedding budget of $40,000-$60,000 for 150-175 guests. Due to our standard of quality and the required use of professional vendors when we are planning a wedding, we have a minimum ceremony/reception budget of $45,000 for 180 guests or less.

We do offer wedding coordination which has a minimum wedding budget of $20,000 for 150 guests or less.

Can We Contact Your Former Clients?

Yes Please! My former couples are some of my biggest cheerleaders. I would love to offer you contacts for recent brides in addition to a link to our “Love Notes” from former clients.

What Separates You From Other Planners?

My personality and my area of focus is what separates my style of planning from others. My professional background is in theatre direction and design. If you think about it, weddings are big wonderful productions. As a wedding designer, I focus on learning about what makes you unique and use this to create a wedding that is authentic to who you are as individuals and as a couple. This involves investing my time to get to know you over drinks and conversations. We brainstorm, we vent, and we laugh and all the while, I learn "what makes you tick." Finally, I work with amazing wedding vendors in the area and I allow them to do what they do best so they are free to give you their best product. You will notice the relaxed energy I bring to my wedding days is contagious!

This Sounds Perfect, What is My Next Step?

How wonderful! The next step is to email to check to make sure we are available for your date and schedule a complimentary consultation. These consultations are to your benefit, and I encourage you to ask as many questions as you like. There is no obligation and no pressure to book; it is an opportunity to see if our services are what you need and we are a good fit.